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Red Eye (Chicago Newspaper)


A smile can do a lot more than you think. Our buddy is a security guard in the Leo Burnett building and he told me his story about his struggle with bringing his kids to America. So, we made a GoFundMe account, and in three days we got the money we projected and more. It even was on the front cover of a Chicago newspaper (RedEye). We really think it's because everyone knows his infectious smile; it made their day when they left work. No matter what mood you were in, his smile would make your day a little better. A smile can do a lot; in this case it reunited him with his children.

The following video was shot on an iPhone to capture the moment for people who donated to the GoFundMe account. Surprisingly, this was shown everywhere on Leo Burnett's website, hallways, and social media. 

Watch Now

This picture was taken as soon as we picked up the family from Nigeria. We took them to a get food at a Chinese Buffet. The only thing they liked was the jello. 

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